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You can join the Friends from the Membership page. Alternatively you can simply make a donation here by clicking the Paypal button below

A donation will help us achieve our objectives in helping the Falkland Islands Museum and Archives. Thank you for your support


THE FRIENDS OF THE FALKLAND ISLANDS MUSEUM AND JANE CAMERON NATIONAL ARCHIVES raise funds and offer support to the Falklands Museum and the Jane Cameron National Archives. We help them to increase their collections through purchases and donations, and we provide exhibition material.Both institutions receive grants from the Falklands Islands Government, but these only cover running costs.

FRIENDS RECEIVE regular newsletters covering their association's work and news from the Falklands. They can enjoy free admision to the museum, attend association events, and benefit from discounts on some publications.
Friends help the Museum to preserve
heritage such as Cartmell Cottage,
one of Stanley's first buildings.
Documents recording the town's
construction are in the care of the
National Archives

THE MUSEUM in Stanley welcomes around 50,000 visitors every year, all of whom gain an enjoyable
appreciation of the Islands' history, way of life and environment.
THE JANE CAMERON NATIONAL ARCHIVES are named in memory of the longest serving archivist.
Stored here are documentary records covering nearly 180 years of local history.


"The Friends can do much to help us to acquire new exhibits and promote our heritage. In return, I hope that we can bring supporters closer to our staff and collections."

Leona Roberts, Museum Manager


"The budgetary process occasionally delays procurement of materials for the preservation of unexpected donations. With help from the friends we can ensure quicker access to such items."

Tansy Bishop, Archivist

Objectives and Principles of the Association of Friends

  • HELP the Museum and Archives to acquire presentation and conservation materials for their collections
  • MONITOR possible sources of exhibits, such as sale rooms, and, where possible, procure historical items that would find a natural home in the Falklands
  • ENCOURAGE potential donors of artefacts and help with shipping and formalities
  • RAISE funds for the museum and archives through members’ subscriptions and donations
We publish annual reports with descriptions and photographs of our acquisitions and work we have been able to fund in whole or in part. To simplify administration and reduce postal charges, we have a reduced membership charge for members who keep in touch through e-mail. We keep in close touch with the Archives and the Museum and National Trust in Stanley. We also work with the Governor and members of the Legislative Assembly, who have given great encouragement to the Association of Friends.

Please join us in this important work by visiting our membership page.

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